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The recommended package includes the full home inspection with an on-site verbal report and full written report emailed within 2 business days. Pricing starting at $500.

This walkthrough package is recommended when you are short on time or funds and includes a one-hour walkthrough with the buyer/agent with a verbal report on-site (no written report) pricing starting at $225.

The is designed as a maintenance check up for your home. Primarily for those who are new to home ownership or may have mobility issue. Pricing is full price for year one, and a greatly reduced price every year following.

On Site Consultations or single item inspections

Planning a renovation? Having an issue in your home? An inspector can come to your home to discuss your renovation plans or diagnose a problem in your home. Pricing starting at $150.

Thermal imaging can be a useful tool in discovering hidden issues in your home. Missing insulation, leaky doors or windows, and even water leaks. Add-on and stand alone packages available.

Hiring foreign workers and need a Schedule F inspection and paperwork for their housing? Pricing starts at $225.

Energy Assessments- coming soon! 4 Corner Home Inspections has partnered with Energuy, the leading experts in the field of home efficiency, with over 250 000 home energy assessments under their belt! Since 2003, Energuy has been in the business of making the world a little greener through energy efficiency evaluations and home upgrade programs. More info to come!

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