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Your home may be the biggest investment you make in your entire lifetime. Wouldn't you like to know you have someone in your corner with years of experience, a keen eye to spot quality workmanship and potential pitfalls? From buying and selling, to yearly checkups, we can be in your corner, to check every corner.

 For all your inspection needs, call 4 Corner Home Inspections.


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Full home inspections

Thinking of buying or selling a home? A full home inspection can give you insight into the true cost of the home you are considering purchasing, or give you some ideas of areas to fix if you are selling.  You can plan on us being in the home for a good part of the morning or afternoon depending on your appointment time, with a verbal on site report with pictures taken during the inspection. A written report will follow, either emailed, or a hard copy dropped off in your mailbox usually the day following your inspection.  

Walkthrough inspections

Designed for those who may have experience in home construction or those with an expertise in a construction trade, the walk through inspection is a wise choice. Typically, the inspector will spend up to 2 hours in your home, and give you a verbal report on his assessment. You can choose a few major components of the home that you wish checked, while avoiding some of the in-depth details of a full inspection.  While there is no report written for this type of inspection, you can have our inspector's years of experience and trained eyes to compliment your real estate agent's and your own visual inspection of the property. 

Yearly check-up

This package is designed with some of our  senior citizens in mind, or those who may have mobility issues. A fully qualified and insured inspector will come and give you a detailed report on the condition of your home. While the initial inspection will be the cost of a  full inspection, yearly follow-ups are at a greatly reduced cost.  

All Inspections come with free over-the-phone consultations for any questions you may have about your home



Full home inspections

Full Home Inspection for homes under 1000 sq.ft./ 140 sq meter - $425.00 + GST.

Homes  from 1000 sq.ft./140 sq meter up to 2000 sq.ft./185 sq meter  - $475.00 + GST.


Homes above 2000 sq.ft./185 sq meter  - $500.00 + GST.  

Homes larger than 3000 sq. ft./278 sq meters please call for quote.

Cash, cheque, credit or debit due at inspection.  

Partial/Walk through inspections

Partial inspections are 50% of full inspections.

Cash, cheque, credit or debit due at inspection. 

Yearly check-up

Year 1 - full inspection @ full price, and every subsequent year @ $150.00 + GST

Seniors save the tax! If you are 65 years of age and the current homeowner, the GST will be included in the price.

Cash, cheque, credit or debit due at inspection. 


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4 Corner Home Inspections exists to provide honest, quality home inspection services to the community of Winnipeg and the surrounding area. It is 4 Corner Home Inspections mission to build client trust through honest and reliable interactions, and to exist in a balanced state, placing family and integrity before money, while providing a quality service to the community.

Who I Am

It has been said that necessity is the mother of all invention. We live in complicated times, with complicated questions and no easy answers. 4 Corner Home Inspections grew out of a necessity to provide for my family while providing and honest service to the community around me. I don't come from a business background with a slick business degree. I come from a working class family. I have a background in getting my hands dirty, working with people, and finding common ground to get the job done. I have 10 years of construction experience as an electrician, and an abundance of experience growing up in the home of a father who would not hire out a job he could do himself. I am a current and active learning member of InterNACHI® – the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors – is the world's largest inspection trade association.  I operate according to InterNACHI's® standards of practice and code of ethics, which can be found here.  It is my goal to give each one of my clients personal care in their home inspections, and to operate my business in a transparent, ethical manner. Thank you for taking the time to visit this site!

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